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Complete range of binding machine and office equipment. Our best professional binding machine include comb binding, wire binding, thermal binding, click binding machine and etc. We offer various binding systems for processing individual documents or small print runs easily, economically and to a high standard of book binding.


  • Comb Binding

    Comb binding is one of many ways to bind pages together into a book. Comb binding is a simple, inexpensive and effective method of book binding. Comb binding machine use a plastic binding element and easy-to-use and can to get from any convenience store. All these Comb binding elements are available in different colors and can be re-used...

  • Wire-O Binding

    Wire-O binding, is also called wire binding, Double-O binding, wire-O, ring bind or double-loop binding. It is a method for binding documents uses a wire element that is inserted through punched paper and is closed. Wire Bind looks professional and can be used to bind reports, books and other literature. Wire-O binder supplies are available in...

  • Multifunction Binding

    What is Multifunction Bind ? Multifunction Binding Machine is capable of using multiple binding elements example like wire and comb binding system or other types of binding system. Multi Function Binding Machine is ideal for medium to heavy use.

  • Thermal Binding

    Thermal Binding is a simple solution & common method used to binding books and booklets. All you have to do is insert documents into binding cover that have glue pre-applied in the spin. Then place the binding cover into the thermal binder slot and wait a minute. The whole process is pretty simple, unlike other forms of binding, the thermal...

  • Click Bind

    A compact and stylish office Click binding machine, accurate punching and binding machine for moderate use environments. Click Binding Machine allow you to add & remove pages easily.

  • Steel Bind

    Unibind SteelBack Resin Binding offers the fastest, strongest, most durable and most professional document binding available to business. Each Unibind cover is provided with a U-formed steel spine. The cover sizes range from 10 pages up to 340 pages. The Binding process is very simple, you just have to choose the correct size of unibind cover...

  • Perfect Binding

    Perfect binding machine is most often used by professional binding companies. Perfect binding puts all the pages or signatures together, roughens and flattens the edge, then a flexible adhesive attaches the paper cover to the spine. Our perfect binding machine include Desktop Perfect Binder, Commercial Perfect Binder, industrial Perfect Binder,...