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  • Binding Machine

    Complete range of binding machine and office equipment. Our best professional binding machine include comb binding, wire binding, thermal binding, click binding machine and etc. We offer various binding systems for processing individual documents or small print runs easily, economically and to a high standard of book binding.

  • Booklet Maker

    With Booklet makers and booklet making equipment, you can create and staple your booklet quickly & faster. Booklet maker is the most effective way to create pamphlets, reports, booklets and newsletters. We carry all types of booklet makers and booklet making systems.

  • Burster

    Burster also known as paper burster, form burster or document burster, it is used to separate perforated form or multi-part forms, coupons and gift certificates. Burster can also cut the tractor-feed edges off of computer form paper, documents and checks.

  • Cash Register

    Cash register are used to keep track all transactions. Cash register also known as POS systems or point-of-sale systems. Cash register is available in a wide variety of format and design. Some cash registers simply help calculate prices, others include tax and most include a cash drawer that holds bills, coins, receipts and checks.

  • Cheque Writer Machine

    Cheque writer is easy to operate and perfect instrument to eliminate of human errors, it save you lot of time and simplified the entry process. These highly efficient Check writer are practical and increase productivity. All check writers are print in RM or other currency and embossed on the cheque which acts as a security features. The printing...

  • Cash Counter & Detector

    Improve speed, accuracy and efficiency at your business by using a money counter, sorter, counterfeit detector. Our Cash Counting Machine included Banknote Counting Machine, Coin Counter, coin Sorter, note counters, Money Detector, Banknote Discriminator Machine, Banknote Bundling Machine and more money handling equipment. Money counting machine...

  • Copier

    In today's business, even the smallest offices depend on professional-looking documents. We offer Black & White Copier and Color Copier. With all these multi fuction like powerful copying, printing, scanning, and faxing capabilities, will definately increasing your worker productivity and office efficiency. Easy to use, powerful and...

  • Laminating Machine

    Laminating is a perfect way to protect your documents, photos, maps, charts, menus, posters, notices, technical drawings and etc. Our laminating machine range from home office use to industrial & commercial use. Our laminator machine have two (2) different formats which is pouch laminator and roll laminator. Lamination is available in both hot...

  • Paper Shredder

    Paper shredder is the most important tool must have in your office to combat identity theft and fraud. Always use a paper shredder to shred private documents such as receipts, confidential office documents, bank statements and more. Our huge selection of paper shredder brings you the latest in technology and quality from top manufacturers brand....

  • Time Recorder Machine

    We offer wide variety and selection of time recorder machine and time stamping machine to help you with your time tracking needs. (Also name as Time Recorder / Time Clock / Punch Clock / Punch Card Machine). Electronic Time Recorder - simplicity, versatility and durability.

  • Typewriter

    We carry a wide type of typewriters from different brand. Some advanced typewriter include features like microprocessors, spell checkers, LCD screens, memory and much more. Take a look at our selection of typewriters and make your order today!